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A big welcome to the Magic of History blog.

I created this blog after endless searching on the Internet to find something to read, or something to watch, that happens to be historical in nature. If you’ve experienced the same thing, I hope you’ll find magicofhistory.com to be a worthy destination.

This blog will be a catalog of sorts for reviews of historical and historical fiction books, and films and TV programs that center on history of all eras. I do not review historical romance books, however. I may even include some websites and articles that I think might be of interest to you. It’s all designed to help you fulfill a need that’s growing — finding a good, old, story.

One thing to note — this site isn’t just about “period” pieces. I like action movies, and certain types of historical detective fiction, as well as war stories. I hope the site appeals to men as well as women.

As for myself, I am a lifelong history buff who started out reading Laura Ingalls Wilder at the age of ten and have progressed to reading Philip Kerr’s Berlin-noir novels today.

And I come from a theatrical family, so I love movies and TV, as long as what I’m watching is historical.

I worked in journalism for many years, and also have worked as a radio talkshow host and college professor. But I don’t consider myself an academic. So if you’re looking for a dry assessment of whether something is historically accurate or not, you may have to look elsewhere. To me, history informs everything that we do, but it can also be fun. Just like in broadcasting, where I worked for many years, I hope to inform as well as entertain.

A final word about fantasy. Everywhere you look, fantasy seems to be the most popular theme across literature these days. Some fantasy I like. But I think history, on the whole, is much more helpful in teaching us what to avoid and what not to avoid. I wish more schools could find ways of creating a history curriculum that kids and college students would enjoy.

Thus, my small contribution at MagicofHistory.com

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Mary Anne Lewis

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